Our Environment

As property developers, hotel operators and tourism specialists, we understand the importance of protecting the environments in which we operate.

Our Aykan Properties business has developed homes and hotels in some of the best locations in the region, but always with a close eye on the environment.  Properties are designed to complement the landscapes in which they sit, with natural materials such as stone, wood, and marble used widely across all of our developments.  In addition, our architects work with the latest technologies to ensure we use energy efficient solutions and equipment wherever possible.

Across our hotels and restaurants, we take the same responsibility.  Energy efficient innovations such as solar power, low-energy lighting and efficient electronics are widely used.

At both our property and hotel operations we are committed to protecting the surrounding environments, maintaining beautiful gardens and helping protect the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

Across all of our businesses, we aim to employ people local to the area, helping generate jobs and develop skill levels.  We also work closely with local business partners, supporting them in their operations and helping to build success across the wider communities.